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Garden City

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Released January 8, 2019

Garden City, emanating sounds of Prog Metal, Pop Rock, Funk, Blues and Jazz Fusion quirky melodies which collide splattering a montage of suspense and grooviness.

Audio credits:

Jib Kantawong - bass guitar on Jack Rabbit
Maverick - vocals on Buzz Boomer
Riz and Steve - handclaps on Buzz Boomer
Dan Palladino and Kevin Becker - voice chant on Monkey Tree
Steve Lang - Electric, acoustic and nylon guitars, bass, keyboards, samples and drum programming.

All compositions written by: Steve Lang
Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by: Steve Lang

Album cover illustration by Andrea Bormida
Album cover concept by Steve Lang

The album was written and recorded between November 10 - December 16, 2018.
The album was mixed and mastered from December 17 - 28, 2018
"Amber Trails" was written in approx. 1987.
"Bumper Shine" and "Bug Juice" were written approx. in 1990.
"Buzz Boomer" was written and mostly recorded in 2012.
"Red River", "Northgate" and "Grindstone" were mostly written and recorded between January 14 - February 7, 2018.

Track Listing

Red River
Bumper Shine
Bug Juice
Buzz Boomer
The Witches Hut
Grand Beach
Amber Trails
Jack Rabbit
Seven Oaks
Monkey Tree
Bonfire Bulrushes and Rye

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