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Ice Breaker

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Released March 9. 2015

Ice Breaker is a progressive rock guitar instrumental album with flashes of heavy metal, jazz fusion, funk and raw rock and roll.

Audio credits:
David Pastorius: Bass guitar on "Quaff"
Erica Romeo and Dan Palladino: Chant vocals on "Quaff" and "Jets"
Steve Lang: Guitars, bass, keyboards, and drum programming.

All compositions written by: Steve Lang
Recorded, mixed and mastered by: Steve Lang

Album cover illustration by Konstantin Klementsov
Album cover concept by Steve Lang

The album was written and recorded between January 7 - 30, 2015.
Sections of "Same Same" and "Cyclops" were written around 1988.
Parts of "The Shield" were written in 1998.
Parts of "The Shield" and "Tipsy" were written in 2011.

Track Listing

Fata Morgana
The Shield
Same Same
Molten Metal Lava
Auroa Borealis

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